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Side Hustles with ZERO startup costs!

Rent is sky high...gas is going up...and income - stays the same. The cycle of living paycheck to paycheck has always been difficult but nowadays it has become almost impossible to live that way without feeling like you are constantly juggling one bill over another.

I know it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I promise it's there. You do have options. Millionaires often give the advice that in order to be successful, you have to have at least SEVEN streams of income. That means, money is coming to you from 7 different places. It seems like a lot but really they're talking about passive income - not telling you to have 7 different day jobs. I'm still learning about investing and real estate and I am nowhere near ready to jump into that however, I have found ways to make money without being dependent on one job. I have been able to hustle my way through the last few years without sacrificing time with my kids and time for myself. I did have to sacrifice some of the novelty things I enjoy like getting my hair and my nails done but it's all about perspective. You gotta know what you want so you can plan accordingly.

I want time with my kids during the day. I want to be able to pick them up from school and not be in a rush in the morning. I want to be available for PTA days and Field Trips. If that's what you're hoping for too....keep reading!

In a recent IG post, I shared ten ways you can start a side hustle without any money invested. Here's a bit more detail:

  1. Brand Ambassador: Being an ambassador is basically a fancy way of saying you are marketing for a company...sometimes it's getting people to download an app on a college campus, sometimes it's giving out swag at a concert or a local supermarket. This type of work requires flexible availability because there's high demand and often only a few day's notice given. Check out Facebook groups like Brand Ambassadors of Florida where companies post opportunities to work on tours and festivals for companies like Toyota, BudLight, and more. Schedules are once in a while as often as you pick them up, ranging from 3 hour shifts to 12-hour shifts. Pay rate: $16-40/hour

  2. Liquor/Food Tastings: This is my favorite way to earn a few bucks. Companies like Forte Event Marketing often need people to do liquor or food tastings at stores like Publix, Whole Foods, or ABC Liquor. These companies post jobs on sites like PromoMash and Trusted Herd. This does require you to make a profile and to have your own supplies like a table, a black tablecloth and an ice bucket (most of which you probably have at home) and you usually are asked to wear black pants and black or white shirt. The company sends the money for the liquor and basically you stand in the store for 3 hours giving away free samples. Usually, there's no sales quota to meet but obviously it's great to try and sell. No education can research the brand before you get there and usually the things customers want to know are on the bottle anyway. Pay rate: $20-$25/hour

  3. Event Staff: These types of jobs are usually logistical. You might be helping to set up for an event, getting people registered or helping to load/unload buses and tell people where to go at a theme park or convention center. Very EASY work. It's mostly about being available and being willing to work crazy hours. I've done ten hour shifts from midnight to 10AM simply standing at a hotel counting how many people get on a bus. Attire is usually all black and they give you a t-shirt or a vest to wear. Most of these opportunities are at airports, convention centers or theme parks. Here's two companies I've enjoyed working with: Transportation Management Services and Buckalew Hospitality . Pay rates: $16-$25/hour.

  4. Uber/Lyft: This is obvious and I am sure most of you already know this the app, register as a driver and pick up people whenever you want. You do come out of pocket for gas but it usually pays off if you work the right times of day near popular travel areas. No startup costs however I'd suggest offering water bottles, gum, etc. to get those tips!

  5. Baby-sitting and Eldercare: This is another obvious one...summer is around the corner and lots of families will be needing help with their children. Word of mouth is great for this. Check your Nextdoor app for people nearby looking for help. You can even make a post in the HOA newsletter or on Facebook parent groups to advertise.

  6. Car washing and detailing: Make some flyers and stick them on cars at supermarkets. Spring brings pollen and we all would love a clean car these days! This does require a bit of money up front because you need supplies but here's my way round that...charge your first few cars up front (before the appointment) and then use that money to buy your supplies.

  7. Housekeeping: Similar to the car washing, this does require you to have supplies however you can charge that deposit or total up front and then you'll have your spending money. Be ready to work! Housekeeping is not easy but it is really good money. You can clean a 3-bedroom house in 2-3 hours and make $150. Do two houses a day each weekend and you could be looking at an extra TWO THOUSAND dollars a month! BTW I actually own a housekeeping company so if you want to chat more about this...shoot me a message on IG!

  8. Dog-walking / Pet sitting: Same as babysitting, this is a much-needed service for people who are busy in the mornings or who travel a lot. If you get three or four loyal clients, you could be earning an extra $100 a week and getting your steps in as a bonus!

  9. Lawn care/Gardening: Same as housekeeping, this does require a lot of manual labor but it could be worth it if you're charging correctly. Springtime is perfect for advertising this type of service because everyone wants fresh flowers, no weeds, and a clean lawn.

  10. Tutoring: School is almost over but I think this is still lucrative to start. Lots of parents want their kids engaged and focused over the could grab those summer workbooks from the dollar store and sit with kids for 30 minutes once a week. That's a phone bill payment right there! If you want to be more serious about it, you can make a profile on Outschool and teach classes virtually. Some of those folks are making an extra $500 a month on there!


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