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The programs we've created are for the tired, lonely, but motivated moms who are ready to do more with their lives. 

My best advice – do something you are passionate about that isn’t connected to your mom life.

Having kids wasn’t in my plans, it came as a shock and changed everything about who I thought I was. 

Becoming a mom was the identity crisis I never expected and I am still in recovery from the sudden shift of control. I spend a lot of time and energy trying to balance my own need for control (which stems from my anxiety) with my lack of ability to control a household with two active toddler boys. I never wanted a “regular” life and I’ve learned that being a mom doesn’t have to derail those feelings.

The flexibility to be who I need to be for myself and for my family feels like a superpower. It’s a blessing I am happy to share with you through the private coaching sessions, virtual classes and community events we offer through Inspiring Hands. 

                            Vanessa Hornedo

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