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Drinks in the Garden

Hosting a fundraiser could be as simple as inviting a few of your friends over for a girls night! We can provide materials and even pop in to say hi and introduce a bit about our organization but the focus will remain on you and your guests. This is a great way to spread the word about what we're doing and give your friends a chance to support something making real change locally.

When you volunteer with Inspiring Hands, you become part of a family of people who truly care about their community. Whether you help with childcare, teach an entrepreneurship workshop, or travel with us on a service trip abroad you will build relationships that will last a lifetime. 


The women we work with are right here in your own community. Their children attend the local schools. They likely work where you shop, eat and play. These are strong women who are doing what they must for their family but also have dreams of owning their own business and having control over their own time and money. Through our programs, women are learning how to build a life they love instead of struggling through their day-to-day errands seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. We are excited that you're considering joining us as a sponsor or a volunteer.  

We can help you plan a corporate service day for your company. You can host a fundraiser on our behalf. Partner with us to support the free programming we provide to families. There are so many ways to support our organization and we would love to talk with you about any ideas you have! Email us today at to find out more. 

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