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Summer Picnic in the Park

This summer, we enjoyed meeting new friends at our monthly Picnic in the Park event. This event hosted one Saturday a month was an awesome way to keep kids connected to old friends, engage with new friends and enjoy the many amenities of Torcaso Park in Winter Springs.

Thanks to our caring community sponsors, Publix and Sisters in Solidarity, we were able to provide free lunch, snacks and cold drinks for everyone.

Each event provided families with an educational activity. In May, we provided kids with art packs to take home and create a fun project. In June, we played water balloon relay games and in July we were joined by Maria of Chiquiticos to participate in a Spanish music and dance class. We can't wait to have her back again this month! All ages are welcome but we often see children ages 2-8 having the most fun. If you have a high schooler who wants to participate as a volunteer, we'd love to have them!

Inspiring Hands began with a simple idea that women and children could learn about each other and support one another simply by sitting together and creating something beautiful. We are excited to be able to continue doing that through the fall with our monthly Family Meetups and our new Mom Nights Out. You can follow our EventBrite page or visit our website for details on upcoming events.

Want to get involved? Email us at for details on becoming a sponsor, partner or providing an educational activity at one of our events.


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