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  sitter service

Supporting busy moms by providing a few hours a week to focus on your business goals.

         Free childcare for moms of elementary-age children


Providing a cooperative-style babysitting service so moms can have some time for themselves!   

What exactly is this?

A 4-hour block playdate for the kids with a free art or educational activity and snacks provided by us at a local playground or public play place. Moms can drop their children off and return for pickup within 4 hours.

How does this work? 

Moms can register to join the co-op with a simple application and a $30 refundable deposit.

Each mom will choose a date/dates that they are available to "babysit". You "pay" with your time.

Two moms will be present for each date. Babysitting will never happen at someone's home or personal spaces.

We will provide CPR and First Aid certification for each mom.

No payments are made at any time (except for your deposit). 

This is open to children ages 4-9 years old. All children must be able to go to the bathroom on their own.

When will it start? 

Registration will open on Friday, May 19th. 

Playdates will begin on Sunday, May 28th.

Can I learn more in person? 

Yes, come join us at our Picnic in the Park on May 21st (10AM-noon) to meet us in person. Enjoy a free meal. Have some fun at Torcaso Park playground and we will be happy to answer additional questions!

You can donate to this initiative today to support local moms working hard at their small businesses. 

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Let's help each other make time for ourselves and our businesses!

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