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In 2023, our mission is to solidify ourselves as an organization that truly cares about the women and children in our community by planning events and providing services that our Central Florida community truly needs. 

Local businesses can support this cause by "adopting" one of our events. This means, your employees can join the event as volunteers, help the planning committee, and be totally hands on to ensure the community enjoys a successful event.

Whether it's a Lunch n Learn, a Holiday celebration, or an appreciation dinner, your business probably hosts some sort of event throughout the year for your employees. These are perfect opportunities to host a fundraiser supporting one of our initiatives. Funds can be raised for a specific event or given as a general donation toward our mission to support local families. It's so simple - just host your event as usual but have your employees bring one item to donate (or a small monetary donation) with them. We are happy to provide marketing materials or even come do a short speech about our mission and vision to engage and involve your team. 


Email our director, Vanessa, today at to learn more about getting involved or click here to fill out the interest form.

If your company sells products or services, a great way to support our organization would be to donate a percentage of sales from a specific time period back to Inspiring Hands. Many companies choose to do 10% of every sale OR maybe choose to ask patrons to add a donation to their payments. We can provide marketing materials or cans for each register. Spreading the word about our mission is awesome and every dollar counts. Contact us to get started -

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