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Entrepreneur’s guide to family travel

The best (and worst) part of being an entrepreneur is the freedom it gives you to plan things with your family. You can work from anywhere so why not go everywhere?!

It’s easier said than done, but traveling with kids while also getting work done is possible with a little bit of planning. Here are my top tips for getting away for a family road trip vacay and still being productive in your business:

  1. PACK FOR BOREDOM: use ziploc bags to make activities for them to “discover” during the trip. One bag might have crayons, construction paper, glue sticks, and activity sheets. Another might have cotton balls, play dough, legos, etc. Bring a picnic blanket in case you see a state park or nice rest area to stop and stretch for a bit.

  2. BRING SNACKS: make sure each child has snacks they love. This will help the road trip but also will help when you need quiet moments to work in the hotel or AirBnB (and saves money). extra points if you let them help you pack.

  3. COMMUNICATE: keep kids up to date on where you are on the road to avoid the dreaded “are we there yet”. Maybe print out a map and laminate it so that they can draw on it along the way. Point out interesting things about the cities you are passing, extra points for teaching some geography and social studies.

  4. PLAN YOUR TASKS: have a list of things you need to get done. And make sure it is stuff you can do from your phone while you’re in the passenger seat. This is a great time for writing blogs or newsletters, sending emails, following up on past clients, prepare social media posts Or even just commenting and sharing other people’s posts.

  5. DON’T OVERCOMMIT: Depending on how long the road trip is, you’re going to be tired. Don’t plan too many Zoom calls or deadlines during this time period. That way, if something fun is happening or if you’re feeling sick - you won’t have to worry about everything you’re not working on for your business.

Always remember that you’re in control but you don’t have to control everything. Plans will change. Kids will get carsick. Cars might break down. There are a million ways a road trip family vacay can go wrong and also so many ways it can go right. Either way, with proper planning and packing you can be ready for anything and your clients/customers won’t feel like you’ve missed a beat!


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