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2021 Must Read Books

I compiled a list of books that have been instrumental in helping me focus on the things that are truly important in my life. As we leave behind one of the most difficult years in our lifetimes, let's start finding some inspiration for pushing forward happily. The Alchemist Paolo Coehlo I've read this book at least four times and I get a different lesson from it every time. It is all about the journey to self-understanding and realization about what's truly important in life. It's not a long book, I promise you won't want to put it down! Successful Women Think Differently Valorie Burton A book about empowering your womanly wisdom to shine bright. You should definitely read this with a pen and paper handy because it's written by a certified coach and you will want to highlight pretty much the whole thing as a 2021 playbook for a new way of thinking. The Rainbow Comes and Goes Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt This is one of my absolute favorites. I have the physical book but actually prefer the Audio version because there's just something about listening to a mother and son discuss life, loss, happiness and grief that pulls you completely in. This book is about the fascinating life of Gloria Vanderbilt but it is also about all of us - it's her retrospection on the life she lived and the things she hopes to pass on. Hearing someone at the end of their lifetime really puts things in perspective for the type of legacy I want to build, and I think it'll leave you with some heavy reflecting too. Outliers: The Story of Success Malcolm Gladwell This is, by far, one of the best breakdowns about what it takes to be successful. It is written kind of like a research paper but I took so many lessons away from the people highlighted in this book and the way they lived their lives. You will not regret reading this! Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent Isabel Wilkerson We are living during a time when ignorance is no longer bliss, it's time for us to broaden our horizons, learn more about our REAL history and focus on how to come out of it stronger as a community. This book will open your eyes.


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