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Solo Retreat Hour by Hour

I created my solo retreat schedule based on personal preferences and goals I had for myself. Everyone’s schedule will be different but I wanted to share a glimpse at my retreat days so that you could get in the mindset of setting yourself up for success. Day 1 – Friday I purposely left my first day as a blank slate so that in case things happened out of my control (as they always do), it would not effect my retreat experience. I ended up running into phone issues that morning and spending way more time “preparing” the house for my absence so I didn’t pick up my rental car until noon which was fine because I had nowhere to be. The drive from Orlando to Sarasota was a little under 3 hours. I intentionally chose a place near the beach so that I could start there because being near water always makes me happy. 4 PM: Arrived at Lido Key Beach. I started with a prayer to bless my retreat weekend and then I swam, I read a book, scrolled through social media and enjoyed the sunset. I also spent about an hour concerned about how I looked in my bathing suit but that’s an issue for another day. 7 PM: I made a Target run to get a few snacks and drinks and purchased a new journal (a sketchbook actually because I don’t like lines restricting my thought process.) 8:30 PM: Arrived at the AirBnB, got settled in and was asleep by 10… that’s early for me!

Day 2 – Saturday 6:45 AM: Bible study and breakfast by the pool 8:30 AM: Yoga Session 10 AM – 3PM: Virtual retreat sessions – you can find more information here. 4:30 PM: Retail therapy at the local mall. 7 PM: Picked up a fancy dinner of steak, crab cakes and veggies to eat with my fav bottle of red wine. 8 PM: Dinner by the pool and video chat with one of my best mom friends. Sometimes we all just need a venting session so I made sure to schedule that in there! Highly recommend! 9:30 PM: Enjoyed the hot tub and swam in the pool a bit. 10:30 PM: Fell asleep watching a cheesy Netflix movie Day 3 – Sunday 7:45 AM: Reading and breakfast by the pool 8:30 AM: Yoga Session. ( I did my first handstand ever! ) 10AM – noon: virtual retreat sessions 12:30PM: Drove to the local state park and rented a bicycle (something I haven’t done in YEARS!) I enjoyed lunch by the lake before heading back to the Airbnb. 4:30 PM: Showered and in bed! I dozed in and out of sleep while watching another cheesy movie and just enjoyed the stillness of the house with no children, pets or people needing me. 8PM: Dinner and reading by the pool. 9PM: Spa time! I used a charcoal face mask and foot treatment I had brought with me and put on some relaxing music. Honestly, my mind wandered to what my kids were doing majority of this time but my skin needed it! Day 4 – Monday I woke up at 7 AM and got the car packed and room cleaned up. Then I enjoyed one last quiet breakfast poolside. For this particular trip, I had rented an electric car so from 9 – 11AM, I sat at a charging station and caught up on emails and work. Taking this time to catch up on my computer was so beneficial because I still had the quiet time I wanted but I started mentally transitioning back to home/work life. The trip home was 2.5 hours so I found a few motivating videos on YouTube and listened to that on my ride. To learn more about how to plan your own solo retreat, click here!

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