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Business Development Workshops

Our business development workshops are uniquely customized to fit the needs of the women and communities we serve. This summer, we've had the opportunity to partner with Sisters in Solidarity to host a series of workshops to support local female entrepreneurs as they begin their journey into business ownership.

Our first session discussed the basics of business planning including a guide to everything they need to register or pay for when launching their product or service-based business. Each session, we were able to dive into the strategies of starting a business, the struggles of doing it on a small budget and how to stay motivated on the way to success.

Workshops were held at the home of our group leader in a casual, intimate setting that allowed for genuine conversations to happen naturally.

Sisters in Solidarity is a Central Florida nonprofit that provides mentorship and coaching to women and students in communities of color. Our ongoing partnership is focused on supporting economic stability initiatives for low-income families and we are grateful to join hands in these efforts. To learn more about this program, or if you are a family in need of this type of support, contact .


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